Which advantages do lenders enjoy at Cashare?

The allocation of a loan opens up numerous interesting options for you:

  • You can achieve attractive profits well beyond the traditional investment classes.
  • You can diversify your portfolio according to your preference and risk profile and supplement your existing investment optimally.
  • You are independent of stock exchange fluctuations or low interest rates.
  • You can support people with your loan directly and decide which credit projects to invest in entirely on your own.
  • You must pay very nominal costs only (0.75 percent per annum of the effective outstanding loan amount).
  • You need not bother about financial processing and can safely build on the secure, uncomplicated and simple credit allocation via Cashare.
  • You can also use Cashare to allocate private loans to known people. Both parties profit here from the clear agreements and our processing, which avoids disputes.
  • You can access our auctions free of cost.
  • With Cashare, you sit on the first and largest crowd lending platform of Switzerland.
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