Which advantages do borrowers enjoy at Cashare?

Financing via Cashare offers you a basket of attractive options:

  • You can implement your credit project without diversions through a bank quickly and easily on our online platform.
  • You yourself define your maximum interest rate and can therefore achieve a more favorable interest rate than is possible at banks and credit institutions.
  • Thanks to the auction mechanism, you benefit from a fair interest purely on the basis of supply and demand.
  • You need not reckon with additional commissions such as opening fees, quarterly commissions, payment fees, account management fees etc.
  • You can rely on our simple, transparent costs. If you e.g., cancel a loan request, you pay only a cancellation fee. Per annum, this comes to a mere 0.75 percent of the received loan amount as fees. Access to our platform is also free.
  • You can phase out extensive credits or credit card bills at high interest rates with our favorable private loans.
  • With Cashare, you sit on the first and largest crowd lending platform of Switzerland.
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