The fee for lenders is calculated at 0.75% of the outstanding loan amount according to the annuity. For information on how the annuity is determined, please refer to the page Fixed-rate mortgage - Wikipedia
The fee is therefore dependent on the loan amount and the term.

A calculator so that you can see how high the fee is with the various parameters can be found on the following page.

Avoidable payment fees:

1st reminder open Instalment: CHF 30.00
2nd reminder open Instalment: CHF 50.00
3rd reminder open Instalment: CHF 75.00
Address inquiry: CHF 25.00
Delayed payment interest: defined in the loan agreement
Collection handling fee: CHF 100.00 / h
Review Globalzession: CHF 50.00 / mo
Payments at counter: Effective 3rd party costs

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