What services does Cashare offer?

Cashare supports the whole lending process, takes care of the correct cash flows, simplifies the processing and intervenes in case of overdue payments in the name of the investors. Because bank was yesterday - today is Cashare.

How can I invest?

As soon as you have opened an investor account and identified yourself personally you can bid on individual projects. In order to place bids please log in using your email and password. In the menu, select primary market or secondary market to find loan projects in which you can invest. With the "Invest" button you can place a binding bid. Please note that all bids are final and cannot be recalled. 

How can I get information about the project? 

You can find the most important information such as the term of the loan and the interest rate in the overview. With a single click on the project, you are also able to view credit worthiness information as well as get more information on the loan project in the description.

What does the Cashare rating mean?

Cashare analyzes the credit worthiness and repayment ability of borrowers in detail. The Cashare Rating quantifies the risk of a loan project and is marked with letters from A to C, A being the best rating and C the worst rating. Loan requests with ratings below C are always rejected. You can get more information on our ratings here.

How can I identify a project with collaterals? 

Under credit projects in the "Project" column you can see a multitude of symbols, which describe the loan in more detail. The house symbol or the lock symbol signal, that the loan is secured. By hovering over the symbols with the mouse further information is displayed. Furthermore, all available collaterals for a project are depicted in the description of the project and in the “credit information” section.
Lock.png Mortgages and Guarantees
umbrella.png Insurance for inability to work as well as death
shield.png Insurance for inability to work, death, as well as joblessness
handshake.png Guarantees
house.png Mortgages

How do I recognize whether the project is an installment loan or a bullet loan?

Under credit projects in the "Project" column you can see if a loan is a bullet loan or an installment loan with help of the hourglass symbol. Hover over the symbol with your mouse in order to get additional information.
hourglass_full.png Installment loan
hourglass_empty.png Bullet loan 

Where can I see which bids are still active? 

You can find all active bids and whether you have been outbid or not in your Cashare account under "My bids".

What is the secondary market?

Loan contracts that were bought can be sold on the secondary market. You can do so by clicking “sell” on the contract which you want to sell in the list of contracts. 
Contracts for which installments are overdue cannot be sold on the secondary market. Further, SME-short-term loans cannot be sold either. 

How can I buy a loan on the secondary market?

In the information window - which can be opened with the "Invest" button in the last column of the offered loan on the secondary market - the purchase of the loan can be triggered with the button "Buy now". 

What does the entry “discount/premium” mean? 

The seller can offer his loan at a discount or premium to the current value.
Where can I monitor the repayment of the individual loan agreements? 
You can monitor the repayments for every individual loan agreement under "loan agreements - all contracts" in your Cashare account. 

What investment strategy should I pursue?

The investment strategy differs from investor to investor. First and foremost, as an investor you have to decide how much money you want to invest with Cashare. Solely invest money you do not need in the short-term. As with any investment: The higher the risk the higher the return.
In order to have keep the risk at bay, it is necessary to invest in various loan projects in order to diversify your investment. It is hence advisable not to invest say CHF 2’000 in a single loan, but to invest CHF 100 in 20 different loans. Should a loan default, the loss can be absorbed much more easily that way.

How do I pay the loan amount?

The details for the transfer will be sent to you by email and you can also find the account information as well as the reference number in your account under invoices - unpaid invoices. Please note that the reference number is different for each auction. The loan amount has to be paid in within 5 days of the end of a credit project. 

Where can I find more information?

More information is available in the FAQ section. 


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