1. Please register on the platform on the following page: Become an investor
  2. Please select whether you would like to invest as a private individual or as an institutional investor. 


  3. Confirm your email address by clicking on “invest money” in the email you have just received.


  4. Insert your personal information into the entry form and click on “register”. 


Verification and personal identification

In order to fully activate your account, we kindly ask you to do the following steps:
  1. Go to your Cashare account and click on "user data". Within that section go to “personal identification” and then to ”how it works”:


  2. Either select “open camera” or “use a different device” in order to start with the verification process. 


  3. Please follow the instructions from Veriff to complete the verification. 
  4. As soon as the verification process is completed, we kindly ask you to upload a utility bill under the “documents” section. This can, for instance, be a bill from your electricity or telecom operator or a tax declaration in confirmation of your current address. 


  5. Download the form A in order to fill in the information and sign the document. You can then re-upload a scan of the signed documents in the “form A” section. 
  6. In order to activate your user account, we have to identify you personally. The following two options are at your disposal:
  • You can transfer CHF 5.00 from your personal bank account to Cashare’s bank account. (Please only use the account below and do not use any reference number. Initiate the transaction via E-banking. Payments through payment slips in physical branches are unfortunately not going to work for the identification process.)
  • Along with your personal identification card or passport, go to a physical post office. The staff will – by the use of the “yellow identification” ( – create a copy of you identification and confirm the correctness (the costumer will incur costs of CHF 25.00). Some other public and private institutions also offer this service. Examples of this would be SBB Change/ Western Union, mobilezone shops, city and local administrations. Subsequently, send the original iteration of the certified copy to Cashare via post. 
As soon as all the steps are completed and we were able to verify your identification, your account will be unlocked. You will receive a confirmation email when this is the case. 
Cashare Address
Cashare AG
Bösch 73
6331 Hünenberg
PostFinance account in the name of Cashare AG
IBAN: CH06 0900 0000 6076 2123 0


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